August 29, 2018


On a chilly Autumn day, I headed to a destination that has long been on my restaurant bucket list, La Petite Colombe. Knowing I was leaving abroad to work for a couple of months, I seized the opportunity to enjoy this experience with my grandmother, making the most of the time I have with her.  I had conveniently discovered that LPC's new winter special had just come into full effect, which was complied so perfectly, I knew it would be more than enough to hit the spot.  


As we entered the sincerely thought out dining area, I was relieved by the aucostis of the room and the privacy each table was offered, refreshing after always being stacked like jars of pickles at most dining establishments. I seem to notice the unusual things of restaurants, like the lighting or the chairs. LPC made sure to take note of all these things too, the chairs were the most comfortable I have had the pleasure of dining from in a while and the lighting was bright but not obtrusive. I always give a sigh of relief when I am seated close to natural light as this always ensure the BEST capture of each plate the chef has lovingly created. 



The Wine - A rose from the Tulbagh region, which I unfortunately cannot recall the name was delivered to the table by a waiter with an illuminating smile, along with Sourdough, home churned butter, sesame & roasted yeast. The presentation for this humble bread course, set the tone of what was to follow.


Yellowfin tuna, aubergine, miso, kalamansi, avocado came next (pictured above left) The flavours placed on this pedestal of a plate were an explosion, that married so perfectly, I thought about it for many days after devouring it.




Asian glazed pork belly, Mozambican prawn, sweet potato, smoked garlic, bisque, umami custard - again perfection! One of my favourite combinations of land and sea. My grandmother absolutely adored this dish.



The above broth was a part of "meet the chef" experince which for the life of me cannot remember the name of!  What I can remember is the umami hitting my tastebuds and the perfect bite of spice at the end. I confidently lifted the bowl to my lips and dredged every last drop.


Springbok tataki, smoked chestnut, pear, prune, quince, rooibos - beautifully represented winter in South Africa. 



I have a habit of reserving a piece of bread for throughout the meal to wipe up any forgotten sauces that my cutlery were unable to extract, this is a difficult act of self restraint but is worth it every time!  The palate cleanser of cucumber, gin & lime, was rejuvenating to the taste buds, and one of my personal favourites flavours in the palate cleansing department. 



Sylvia Hodge Hughes, above. 93 years and still going strong. 



Pan seared line fish, cauliflower risotto, cauliflower fondant, smoked mussel veloute, herb puree, crispy squid chosen as my grandmothers main course.  Of course I snuck a taste and it was heavenly.  A great fish dish! 



I am more carnivorous and opted for the Charlmar beef fillet, braised brisket, pickled carrot, caponata, porcini café au lait - as always I made the PERFECT choice. It was next level as the Millienials say.



Foxenburg goats cheese, poached figs, brioche, burnt thyme, lemon, hazelnut 

Valrhona Itakuja crémeux, pineapple, mango, macadamia, passionfruit, lemongrass

La Petite Colombe Treasures 


The attention to detail in the desserts, made my heart skip a beat!  Each mouthful the flavours progressed and worked with each other so beautifully, it made it very difficult to share with my grandmother!  Albeit I restrained from consuming more than my fair share.




John Norris Rogers, Head Chef has a warm and approachable charm. The love for his food is tasted in each bite, along with the teamwork and sacrifice from his dedicated team.  Being in a restaurant where I felt excited to dress up, but yet comfortable enough to lift my bowl of broth was immeasurable.


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Disclaimer: I visited LPC in May 2018. I have been abroad cooking, and have been unable to find the time to complete this post, but finally I have! Please visit the website to confirm current specials and menus.

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