May 22, 2018





Makes about 500ml 





250g chicken livers

1 heaped tsp caper

4 anchovy fillets

1 clove garlic minced

1 large handful parsley, chopped

8 sage leaves, chopped

1 Tbsp Willow Creek Truffle Olive Oil

1 Tbsp sherry or marsala 

100g ghee

1 French baguette 

2 Tbsp Willow Creek Truffle Olive Oil

4 Tbsp ghee, melted 






First, clean the livers by removing any green or yellow bits, wash and dry them well.

Roughly chop the livers and add them to a frying pan with 1 tablespoon of Willow Creek Truffle Olive Oil with the chopped parsley, sage, capers, anchovies and a minced garlic clove.

Cook the mixture for 5 minutes on a medium heat then set aside to cool.





Add the liver mixture to a food processor and add the sherry with the motor running, continue to blitz the liver into a smooth paste.

Add the smooth pate back into the frying pan with the ghee and melt together, stirring the pate and butter together until combined. The pate will need to heat through so it melts in with the butter.

Transfer the pâte into a ramekin or serving dish, pour the 4 Tbsp of melted ghee over the pate and garnish with some sage leaves.  Allow to cool before chilling in the fridge until firm or preferably overnight.





To make Crostini


Cut thick slices of good quality crusty bread.  Drizzle each slice with a little Willow Creek Truffle Olive Oil and sprinkle with salt.

Place the bread on a hot griddle pan until charred on each side, or alternatively place it in the oven at 180C.   Spread with homemade chicken liver pâte, drizzle with some more Willow Creek Truffle Olive Oil and enjoy.




This pâte is packed full of flavour and perfect spread on crostini or even added into pasta sauces.  I recently was invited to Decorex to demonstrate this recipe with Willow Creek Truffle Olive Oil and it was great fun. This recipe is easy to wow a crowd with and if you aren't fond of a strong tasting liver pate, then this ones for you! The herbs, truffle oil and ghee balance the richness of the livers perfectly. Happy cooking! 



Find the printable version of the recipe here


Developed for Willow Creek Olive Estate


Megan Kate Swan is a South African food stylist, recipe developer and private chef based in Cape Town



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