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What makes a great blog? Visuals, its written form, the curation or is it how often a post is published?  I am not sure yet, but I am pretty sure it is all of those points that are blended together to create an outstanding blog.  For me, I decide very quickly whether I like something or not, and this runs true to when I find a blog that catches my eye and makes my heart beat a little faster.  Realising how many blogs I follow and enjoy was amazing once I started bringing them all together for this blog post.  I had been under the impression I was more of a YouTube fiend, but now noticing how many blogs I actively follow, I guess they are my thing too!  I am all for sharing the things I love, trust and recommend wholeheartedly - that is how this post came about.   My hope is you leave with a interesting recipe, great beauty tip or even just some inspiration to create - as I have, from immersing myself in these exceptional blogs. I could only hope that one day my blog reaches something close to their calibre. 











Wu Haus


Why I love this blog - Alison Wu inspires me daily. Her blog is informative and beautiful, just like her always satisfying Instagram stories.  I am always bookmarking or screen shooting one of her recipes, and they always yield the same outcome as her finished dish. A big go to inspiration blog for me!









Lee from America 


Why I love this blog  - Lee is vibey, happy and positive - this translates into her blog. Honesty is what draws me to her most - she explains everything clearly and also in a fun way that makes the most boring, mundane tasks interesting. She has got me excited about learning about adaptogens, elixirs and understanding what your body needs. 









Anett Velsberg


Why I love this blog - A slick blog, with great athestic - I was immediately drawn to her Instagram account, and went on to find her blog from there. Her photos also make me hungry or get me in the mood to get into the kitchen.









Annies Eats 


Why I love this blog - My first love, when it comes to food blogs.  Annie's eats is my go to blog, when it comes to sourcing a reliable recipe.  Rarely have a baked one of her cakes or iced cookies, where I need to adjust the recipe.  She is a true inspiration, and with little online contact, I have had with her, an incredible human being too!









Smitten Kitchen 


Why I love this blog -  Deb Perelman is a fearless cook that creates gorgeous recipes from a tiny kitchen in New York City.  What you’ll see here is a lot of comfort foods stepped up a bit, things like bread and birthday cakes made entirely from scratch and tutorials on everything from how to poach an egg to how to make tart doughs that don’t shrink up on you! A firm favourite of mine when searching for a recipe.










Rachaels Goods Eats 


Why I love this blog - Rachael DeVaux is a registered dietitian and soon-to-be certified personal trainer sharing tips and tricks for a healthy lifestyle.  I really enjoy her blog, as the recipes are created to be healthy, quick and hassle free. I have also learnt some great tips through watching her daily Instagram stories.









Cook Republic


Why I love this blog - I love the Journal section of this blog - such great reads for when you get into bed at night, before you tuck into your book. Sneh's writing & photography are equally as perfect, and each post is published with complete integrity.









Food by Maria 


Why I love this blog - Maria Koutsogiannis is a healthy Greek Canadian fitness enthusiast.  Shaped around the idea that every day we eat to feed, or to fight disease, FoodByMaria was born. A functional blog that is practical, yet lovely visually.









Linda Lomelino - Call me Cupcake


Why I love this blog - Linda's food photography is pure gold.  Her lighting is out of this world and composition is breathtaking! I feel the passion and love whilst scrolling through this blog, and whenever I hit a creative "food" wall, I pop on over to this blog to get the fire back.









Christiann Koepke


Why I love this blog - Another great story teller and food creator - this blog is sophisticated & with its clean aesthetic, always an enjoyable read.









Minimilast Baker 


Why I love this blog - A blog devoted to simple cooking. All recipes require 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl or 1 pot, or 30 minutes or less to prepare, and a frequent go to for me when it comes to choosing week night dinners.









Vanilla and Bean 


Why I love this blog - A vegetarian / vegan based blog featuring Traci's savoury & sweet creations.  A new find for me, which fast became a favourite.









Broma Bakery 


Why I love this blog - Sarah's blog is all about sharing her love of food with others, while indulging her passion for photography.  She offers great food styling tips, and always shoots in natural light - which I love!












Janni Deler 


Why I love this blog - A daily blog, you are always sure to have content to enjoy.  She is playful with her style and tries new looks confidently. The photography is never boring or repetitive, I very much appreciate the effort put into each post.









Micha Wissen 


Why I love this blog - Effortless & pure this powerhouse of a woman, Micha Wissen is a highly talented photographer. I love her use of light and simpliclity in what she captures.  Her blog is completely visual and documents anything from an outfit of the day or adventures of her latest travels.










The Anna Edit 


Why I love this blog - Anna covers anything from beauty, to fitness to capsule wardrobes.  I enjoy all aspects of her blog, but mostly her advice on beauty products, as she is honest and frank when it comes to what she likes, and doesn't.  Her YouTube channel is also pretty great, but in general I am just in love with her simplistic & elegant style.









Fleur de Force


Why I love this blog - Fleur De Force is one of the most successful beauty and fashion vloggers in the UK, her beauty advice is always solid. Recently she launched her collaboration; MAC X FLEURDEFORCE, a beautiful lipstick line, as a limited edition.









Lily Pebbles


Why I love this blog - An informative and loaded blog, with helpful and necessary information on all things beauty - amongst other things.  I get so many useful beauty tips reading Lily's blog.














Anneli Bush 


Why I love this blog - A globe trotting Scandinavian living in London, with a passion for healthy living, interior, beauty, travel and accessible styling.  My favourite aspect to her blog, is her posts on travel.  She always chooses the most elegant accommodation and plans the greatest itineraries 








Tails of a Mermaid 


Why I love this blog - Natalie Roos, knows how to blog. To the point, honest and from the heart.  Her personal blog that covers many of her favourite topics, is visually satisfying and through her words, she transports you to the destination traveled.  When a blog post makes you feel as though you want to book a flight and pack your bags immediately, it has served its purpose.









Petite Passport 


Why I love this blog - Pauline Egge a Journalist & Photographer of Petite Passport doesnt mess around when it comes to her blog. Loaded with information that has been tried & tested - I always take a peak at her blog before I travel, for ideas & tips.










Why I love this blog - Misha is a Johannesburg-based digital marketing manager and blogger with a passion for brands & marketing, travel, fashion, beauty, gadgets, fitness, decor & DIY. Her blog aesthetic makes me smile, and her witty posts always keep me reading.  Not to forget her taste is impeccable!









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