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In all honesty I'm not much of a market fan, only because of the large groups of people pushing and shoving, and lack of seating is on my top list of pet hates.  Mojo Market has become an exception to this, large enough not to feel claustrophobic and designed carefully to prevent overcrowding with seating in abundance.


Tim and I arrived at dusk, on an unusually warm evening for Autumn.  Walking towards Regent Street you could feel the energy radiating from Mojo Market.  Warmly greeted and directed up to the mezzanine, only to gladly accept a cold glass of bubbles, my first impression was significantly good. Beginning our evening perched above the market was a great way to start, as it gave a perspective of the floor plan and layout.  I was easily able to plot my foodie route.  Watching the hustle and bustle below the market reminded me of Chelsea market in New York City, such great vibrancy and talent all under one double volume ceiling.



























As everyone gathered upstairs, teasers and tasters of what is on offer at the food stalls, in the market were shuttled freshly from each store to the mouths of hungry and excited media and influencers.


Once we had experienced some explosive tastes, it was time for refreshments.  We headed down the stairs towards Atlantic Storm Beer,  Tim opted for the Cape Doctor Draft on tap, which he thoroughly enjoyed and returned more than once for a top up.  As I'm quite a methodical person I decided to first scope out each food store and then decide which fare I was going to commit to wholeheartedly. 









































































Ambling through the 2000 square metre space we bumped into many friends and acquaintances, who were enjoying the market experience just as much as us.  It was evident the market is set to become an integral part of the Sea Point lifestyle.





























The smell of good quality cheese did not escape my nose, I had spotted Raclette earlier in the evening and was sure that it would fill my cheesy obsession, Raclette is a Swiss cheese that is melted and served with baby potatoes along with pickles and pickled onions, yum! they also serve some mouthwatering grilled cheese sandwiches.  That had to wait for now, as I first tried out a tea from TeAwesome, a tea and juice bar. I opted for the passion fruit green tea with coconut jellies, what I loved was you could choose your sugar and milk content, so you aren’t bound to a sugary, dairy drink if that isn’t your preference.  It was cool and refreshing and just what I needed.


What intrigued me was the diversity of stalls, one moment you'd be ordering a pizza at Earthfire, and at the next stand you would be choosing which silk scarf you’d like to purchase.  I find this concept dynamic and engaging. The quaint movable carts dotted between the stalls are a great touch and house eclectic shoes, spicy sauces and handmade jewelry.




























Moving on I came across Beetbox, which I'd seen on social media and was eager to observe it freshness and beauty.  I was happy to see they offered fresh organic produce for purchase, that was beautifully presented and made me want to start planning our next meal then and there with such great ingredients.  Watching their team freshly create your food right in front of you is just how I like it, you feel part of the experience.  I'm yet to try their offering, but will be back very soon for a Beetbox lunch or breakfast smoothie bowl.  










































If I was to live in Seapoint or the surrounds I feel as though Mojo Market would be my one stop shop.  I could have some breakfast, a great coffee from Mojo Coffee Collective, pick up my daily bread from Cape Point Bakery and some fresh veggies or fruit with Beetboxs’ assistance, and even a beautiful gift for a friends hypothetical birthday dinner that night.


My standout stores were Earthfire Pizza, IYO, Hokey Pokey, Raclette and Beetbox, as well as Kwaai Gallery.  Another visit is in order very soon as I am eager to try all the other nourishment available, and possibly acquire some handmade contemporary wares from the great selection of retailers.








This hybrid urban street market should be a priority on your list of places to visit, with over 80 stalls you will not be easily dissapointed, as there is something for everyone!  The Mojo Market unites the bustling roadside and passing pavement footfall with floor-to-ceiling views of the sea and palm-lined Promenade, the perfect excuse to mix your early evening walk on the Prom with a healthy and light dinner at Mojo Market. 







See the Vlog above that Tim and I put together, to get an even better idea and feeling of the magic of Mojo Market.







Regent Street Sea Point, between Church & Clarens Roads


Mondays to Sundays 9am – 9pm

Food Stalls 10am – 9pm

7 days a week, 364 days year


Facebook – Mojo Market

Twitter @themojomarket

Instagram @mojomarket








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