February 19, 2017


Recently I have been inspired so much by watching other creators YouTube videos on their monthly favourites, and this past month I picked up a few great products and thought why not share them. So I set up the camera and filmed it!  I really enjoyed it and then felt it needed to naturally correspond onto my BLOG, so here they are my January Favourites and a VLOG to go with it! Head on over to my YouTube channel and take a look, it offers some different added info too.





First up, books. I have fallen into the bad habit of not reading books anymore, which I am not happy about - so one of my goals for 2017 was to read more. I didn't like the bad habit I adopted of getting into bed and scrolling through social media for hours, it doesn't let my mind slow down or switch off.  My mom gifted me with a beautiful book that I had been lusting after for a while called Hygge by Marie Tourell Søderberg, you can find it here online at Exclusive Books. What I found is other books will tell you how to be hygge but this is the only book that will show you. I loved tapping into my Danish roots and gaining more understanding of my heritage. There are recipes too, that look delicious and I can't wait to try them. 


Amy Schumer has always made me laugh, ugly laugh - so when I saw she released a book, The girl with the lower back tattoo - I was sure I would enjoy it, I purchased it from Exclusive Books and am starting it this week, I  cannot wait. I will keep you updated to how amazing it is!


Last but not least - 26 Grains by Alex Hely-Hutchinson. Oh my this is a beautiful book - the thought, design and recipes in this book are magnificent.  This book emulates the same mantra as the Hygge book, which I love.  With 100 recipes that use wholesome grains from oats to amaranth this delicious cookbook spans classic breakfast porridges, through lunchtime salad bowls, to nourishing dinners. The inspiration behind the book was a year Alex spent in Copenhagen - ancient grains are prevalent in Nordic cooking. The Danish word Hygge has no direct translation but evokes feelings of warmth, cosiness and sharing and the book embodies this ethos. I cannot recommend this book highly enough, even for the beginner cook or baker.





A new discovery that I am loving is the Waterford Rose- Mary 2016. It is a Blanc de Noir with cultivars of 5 Varietal Blend (Shiraz, Merlot, Tempranillo, Sangiovese and Malbec).  I have never been much of a wine drinker, but recently discovered Rosé which agrees with me well, many other wines cause my pale comlplextion to erupt in the most unnecessary bright pink hue - not the greatest. What I enjoy about this particular wine is I feel comfortable drinking it at any time of the day with any meal. I find it perfect after one or two gin & tonics as the sun sets. 


A wine produced by whole bunch pressing various red grape varietals, this giving the wine a lovely transparent pink colour. The aroma is minerally driven with delicate raspberry fruit undertones. The natural acidity from the different mediteranean varietals add a lovely soft texture to the wine and provides for a crisp and fresh finish. The perfect low alcohol wine to be served at the beginning of any meal. (Source Waterford).

Available at the cellar or I picked up mine at Woolworths.  


























Zana Products to me are an incredible South African brand, that I am so obsessed with.  The simplicity and quality of their products makes me so happy! I placed my online order on a Sunday (one of my best things to do on a Sunday - online shop & browse) and I received the order on Tuesday morning. Such a fast turn around time. I ordered the Eyes fabric pouch at a very reasonable R120, two Midnight Navy cushion covers and inners at R270 each and not pictured here an apron, fabric banner (see first photo above bed) and placemats. I was so thrilled with my order, I have already got my next basket ready - all I need to do is check out. So stay tuned for more features on Zana.





Not many great things elude me, but Lush products have been the exception.  I had always walked past it at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town and not given it a second thought.  Recently though, through watching YouTube extraordinaire Zoella, I was exposed to how great their products are!  I have always had an ongoing battle with dry and sensitive skin and I find my self too lazy after each shower or bath to lather myself in cream - it becomes so boring. Popping a colouful bath bomb in the water to watch it whirl around and emit the most beautiful colours is not!


For me being able to have a relaxing bath, while at the same time allowing my skin to be hydrated by essential oils is heavenly. I grabbed all the bombs that were packed with properties that would assist my skin in being not so dry and yuck, some bath melts (they make bubbles, yay) and I also picked up a fresh face mask, that I am loving!  I find all the lush products make such great gifts for men and women - so go check it out at www.lush.co.za. 






Joseph Joseph is a great brand that has finally hit the South African market, when I lived in London I remember always seeing it in John Lewis and wanting most of their products.  Over the last couple of months I have been on the great search for a dish rack that isn't horrid or super expensive.  I was so over my gross old one, that I have had forever. Yes it served me well, it fulfilled it's purpose - but too bulky and I was just bored of it.  I recently saw a dish rack I finally fancied in one of The Anna Edit videos on YouTube. I began to hunt it down, as she is based in the UK, I was worried I would not find it in South Africa, so what I thought would be a difficult challenge to find the same dish rack was made easy thanks to Takealot.com - a quick click of the button and a CVV check and that cute dish rack was mine!  As we have a dishwasher, I don't have the need for a large dish rack - so this one is perfect for the kitchen. You can find it here on Takealot.com.















































I never used to be a big breakfast lover, but over the last year I have made sure I always eat breakfast.  I love yogurt and fruit for my first meal - but I am that person that craves texture in my food. When I stumbled across the Carb Clever Almond & Cocoa nib granola I was sold.  It's great as a treat now and then to brighten up you're morning.  It is quite pricey, another reason I don't have it everyday. Find it at woolworths.co.za


Dreams do come true! As I found my perfect headphones, which suit my pocket, style and comfort. I picked up these Bose SoundTrue Around Ear Headphones after watching a favourites video from Alexia Booker.  They are great - such amazing sound and feel great on, they don't hurt my ears after hours of watching movies and the convenient case they come in is so great to just slide in your carry-on or into your bedside drawer. You can order these from Takealot.com. p.s. they are currently on sale!





Once again my dry skin is something I have been trying to combat for oh so very long, therefore have been on the hunt for all things moisturising.  Before I got hold of my Lush Bath Bombs, I stumbled upon the Eucerin range. Having previously tried products from them - mostly creams which I wasn't a fan of, as I don't enjoy being covered in cream, I thought the AtoControl Bath & Shower Oil might be the better option for me.  After using it for the last month I have noticeably seen the difference in my skin. What I love about it is, it doesn't leave you feeling greasy and oily after you shower - when I dry myslef I just pat myself with the towel (as not to remove the oils) and voila, my skin feels great! I generally use bath bombs for the bath and the oil when I shower. I also picked up some Eucerin Intensive Hand Cream, which I keep in my bedside drawer and use daily to keep my hands nice and soft.





Last but not least, let me tell you about Wild Olive African Artisans Apothecary and Artistic Perfumery, an amazing company with even more amazing products.  I recently had the pleasure to meet owner and mastermind behind the brand Mărioara de la Țară and was instantly transported into a world of scents, art and all round perfection.  Before being exposed to this beautiful brand I had never given much thought into what beauty products are made up of - my main concern was always did the brand test on animals? But now since speaking with the talented and passionate Maria, I realised how important it is to use only products that do not contain any synthetics or nasty additives.  I could write an entire post about Wild Olive African Artisan Apothecary and Artistic Perfumery but I will save that for another day. For now I will say that you should give all their products a go and especially the face toner and lip exfoliator, those two products have done wonders for my dry skin and redness. The lip exfoliator was especially helpful when I was in Europe in December to fight my chapped, dry lips caused by the icy cold wind. Wild Olive African Artisan Apothecary and Artistic Perfumery, has the most beautiful store on 29 Upper Pepper Street, Cape Town, South Africa - be sure to go discover this gem!




I hope you have found my January favourites interesting & helpful. My hope is it gives you the information or inspiration for a purchase you weren't sure on making. I hope you all have a great week ahead, until next time.




  Photos by Timothy Bowles

   Styling & Editing by Megan Kate Swan 










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