January 25, 2017



A blog is something that never interested me, but recently through travelling I have found how useful blogs can be on offering the information I am looking for without having to sift through those terrible trip advisor reviews. Therefore I thought why not - for a creative outlet, I should write a blog. I love all the things a blog entails - taking photos, writing, reviewing, exploring, curating and most of all helping others have great experiences through my advice or suggestions. As much as a blog has a lot to do about the person writing it, my aim is for it to not be all about ME, but more what I can offer those who take the time to read and view my content. 















































I have spent days thinking about how I should write my first post, how I would like to come across, portray the purpose of this blog and to be sure to steer far away from it becoming all about Megan. In the end there will be an essence of me but I would like to focus on benefiting my readers in the best possible way.


This post has photos of me yes, and I thought this was important, as you need to know the face of this blog and by exposing myself in a "photoshoot" which is something I have not done before, made me vulnerable to be held accountable in some way - accountable to only posting the best content for my readers. I am very lucky that my other half is a photographer and was willing to shoot these images for me, so thank you Tim.


I am currently in love with the "golden hour' sunset flare shoots and decided one boring Sunday afternoon to stroll down the road from our apartment and see what we could capture. To be honest I was pretty happy - I felt the images really showed me as a person and reflected well on my style, true self and energy.


I do not feel I need to tell you my dislikes, likes or if I am a coffee lover or floral addict - this blog will reflect clearly my style, likes and addictions. Therefore not to lead you on falsely that I am in love with everything Scandinavian, and only in 6 months do I post something related to this. I would rather this be a journey that you are welcome to join in on and if something catches you're interest you read on.
















































With all transparency I am personally not one to read blogs or articles that are hellishly long, as I am more  interested in image driven content, that said I hope to tell a story through the images I capture, yet still give you the details to inspire, guide and enhance your visit to my blog.


So please do join me as a I explore a new hobby - I promise it will be fun (and worth the data loading the page) .



* I really hope my mom and dad are not the only ones to read this...




Photography by Tim Bowles


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